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News about Future Scholarships – February 1, 2015

In July, a Streetsboro High School senior or a Ravenna High School senior will receive the first annual Nancy and Kenneth Bliss Scholarship. Recently, the Blisses generously contributed to our scholarship fund; thus, each year one student will be chosen alternating between Streetsboro and Ravenna high schools. Nancy taught 30 years and retired from Streetsboro schools in 1992; Kenneth taught 30 years, 25 of which were in Ravenna schools. He retired from Ravenna in 1993. The Blisses now live in Vermilion, but they keep Portage County in their hearts. We so appreciate their very generous donation that will support our scholarship program for many years.

Also in July, another full scholarship, the Ray and Doris Aeschliman Scholarship, will be awarded to a Portage County high school senior who will major in education. This has been sponsored in full by the Aeschlimans for one year. We thank them for giving so generously and also appreciate their support that helps with the ongoing success of our scholarship program.

Many thanks go to those of you who contributed throughout the year, either by paying directly to Dave Gynn or to me, or when you made luncheon reservations, or when you paid your membership dues. Of course, you may continue to make donations in any of these ways.

Also, the volunteer hours donated to NEOMED by our proctors are extremely important to our scholarship program. As a result of your efforts and dedication, as many as five scholarships can be funded. Kudos to all of you!

2015, perhaps, will be an even better year for scholarships? Remember, PCRTA Scholarship is a 501 c3 non-profit, charitable organization, which means all of your contributions are tax deductible.

Raising money for scholarships is one of the primary purposes of our organization!

Funding for scholarships is from fundraising, contributions from members, donations in memory of departed educators, interest on investments, and significant income from Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine and Pharmacy for our proctor services.

You can contribute to the endowment in a number of ways. Members often send additional money when they make luncheon reservations or contribute if they are unable to attend a PCRTA meeting. Memorials to deceased members provide scholarship funds. When the memorials equal the amount of a scholarship, the scholarship is presented in the name of the deceased. Leaving a portion of an estate through a will or naming PCRTA as a life insurance beneficiary can provide long-lasting memorial scholarships.

PCRTA members should share their thoughts and wishes with their family and consider including the PCRTA scholarship endowment in their plans.

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